About Us

Warere Townhouse is a family establishment. The owners are deeply committed to preserving the landscape and supporting sustainable development of the Tanzanian people. Jaffer, whose father first purchased the Warere Town House in 1983 still remembers stories of its use as a meeting house during the revolution in Zanzibar. Jaffer was running the Warere Townhouse as a “backpacker’s paradise,” back in the day when Zanzibar was a remote and isolated oasis seen only by the most adventurous of travelers.  He eventually left Tanzania to pursue his advanced studies in the United States and it was there he met his wife, Rachel and they started a family.  But Jaffer’s heart has always been in Tanzania and eventually he returned with his family so that he could fulfill his dream of using his education to improve his country.

Warere works closely with the local community in Zanzibar and are known throughout the island for finding local talent and investing in that talent.  They attend local government meetings and play an active role in helping locally run organizations build on the growing tourist industry to promote local development.  They also are committed to investing in homegrown talent and investing heavily of their own resources to promote and enhance that talent.